Fruits exporters.

Fruits exporters

12.000 farmers in our community

Check our portfolio, quality, supply chain in Europe and South Asia.

Are you looking for new suppliers in Colombia? Or new customers in Colombia and in Europe? Use our app to make more secure deals, finance your operations and program the commerce of your next harvest.

Sustainability and environment protection

70% of farms implement GAPs. For long-term purchases, Global GAP certificates and SEDEX registration are available.

We specialize in controlling pests with cultural practices and natural pesticides.

Eres productor y necesitas asistencia técnica?

Inicia programa comercial con nosotros y aplica al apoyo con asistencia técnica.

O si lo prefieres, contrata nuestra asistencia técnica especializada.


More than 25 fruits

Hass Avocado
Purple Passion Fruit
Baby Mango


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Who We Are

Fruit exporters to Asia and Europe.

We developed a methodology in which any producer can access the international market. And to make more accessible the food in the world.

Our Purpose

We work hard every day to eradicate worldwide hunger, starting with a powerful source of nutrients, fruits.

Our Mission

We encourage the development of agricultural businesses, so farmers have the opportunity to safeguard their family’s future, and to inspire future generations.

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